I am offering workshops and presentations for parents, teachers and organizations interested on topics related to multilingualism.


Based on a mix of personal experience, hands-on life examples and scientific research results, I share key factors that influence children’s success with learning new languages, and suggest tools for enhancing the success of learning multiple languages.


Participants are also encouraged to come with their own questions and share their own concerns about the best way to raise multilingual children, which often creates very interesting discussions.

Geneva, Switzerland

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During this workshop I will clarify a lot of the myths that people have about learning several languages, and I will share the Key Factors which influence every child's success with learning new languages.

Many questions will be answered such as "At what stage of childhood should I introduce my child to more than one language?", "Is learning more than one language confusing my child and preventing her from properly learning her mother tongue?", "Is it OK to learn 2 or more languages at the same time or is it better to learn languages consecutively?".

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There is no one-way approach to raising a bilingual child. It depends on each individual’s family situation and needs, and what works for one family, may not necessarily work for another.


I am offering individual consultations with parents to discuss their specific family situation. I help parents to identify their particular family language profile and goals, define the right language strategy for their family, and advice on any other concerns that come along with raising multilingual children.


My goal is not only to equip parents with the helpful tools for raising multilingual kids, but also to encourage them and build their confidence in order to successfully face the challenges that come along with multilingualism.


I also provide referrals to complementary resources such as books on this topic if requested.


Each individual session takes about one hour. Already after the first session you will be sufficiently equipped to start applying strategies and tools in your own family.

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Workshops with parents

"Those who know nothing of foreign languages know nothing of their own."

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe